Winfield & Associates Marketing & Advertising has been in business since 2002. We started as a traditional advertising agency that made television and radio commercials, print ads, and negotiated and placed media for our clients.

That type of advertising always stayed the same, so once you learned your craft, it was just a matter of executing.

Google Adwords

We got into Google Adwords advertising in 2006 through a client that had a large radio budget. We asked if we could peel a couple of thousand dollars a month off the budget and test out Google. They agreed, and off we went into the world of digital advertising.

We built landing pages for the different ads so we could track them because automation software was still limited in its capabilities and expensive.

It turned out the Google Ads produced better results than our radio ads!


As a small ad agency providing high-touch service for our clients, it was clear by 2014 that we would have to evolve. When we started, only 8% of internet connections were high speed. Now the vast majority were. And the mobile device revolution opened up the internet to nearly all. It was clear we needed to make digital marketing our focus, with a goal of being the best PPC agency in the U.S.

Digital Marketing

In 2015 we made the decision to narrow our service offering to just 3 areas in digital marketing: Google Ads, Facebook Ads and email marketing.

We selected Google Ads because we had been managing them for years and knew how to track and get results. it was a natural extension to include Microsoft Ads (Yahoo Ads/Bing Ads). Pay-per-click search ads are often the most cost effective advertising for our clients.

Facebook Ads were chosen based on numbers. It’s a simple case of being on the platform that can reach the largest percentage of the population. We invested in multiple training programs to learn and become skilled in Facebook Ads.

Email marketing evolved from the early Facebook advertising. We built campaigns to capture email addresses, then set up email nurturing sequences to convert the leads.

Eventually that led to offering cold email as a service for B-to-B.

The Future

The platforms we use for marketing in 2021 are changing and evolving. Google and Facebook make constant changes to the algorithms that run their advertising auctions.

We are in a world where settling into a space and staying there for the rest of your career is no longer an option. 

Change at this pace is scary. At the same time, marketing and advertising offers new opportunities every day. We are now testing TikToc ads for several clients.

We are embracing the change for our benefit and the benefit of our clients!  

Best PPC Agency

Our goal is to be the best PPC Agency in the U.S. We define that as producing more leads for our clients at a lower cost than the competition. We aren’t there yet, but we are well on our way!