Google Ads

Google Ads are the yellow pages of today. With close to a 90% share of online searches for products and services, it’s extraordinarily difficult to be found if you aren’t on Google. SEO used to be the most profitable way to be found, but the vast majority of searches now have 4 paid ads at the top of the page, followed by a map pack. 

Many service industries also use Google’s Local Services Ads, which appear at the very top of the page and push organic results down further. Go in-depth HERE.

Microsoft Ads (Bing/Yahoo)

Microsoft offers search advertising on platforms including Bing, Yahoo, AOL and other properties. With between 9 and 10% of search share, it won’t compare to Google on volume. However, bidding and conversions are often less expensive, making it well worth your time to advertise. Learn more HERE.

Facebook Ads

Facebook remains the single largest social media platform in the world by number of users. As Facebook continues to reduce targeting options in the name of privacy, and retargeting options are substantially reduced with the iOS14 update, there is still lots of opportunity. Creative is more important than ever to get results. Learn more about Facebook advertising HERE.

Email Marketing

Targeted email marketing can be one of the most effective means of lead generation. Winfield & Associates Marketing & Advertising uses advanced techniques for Business-to-business email lead generation. Find out more HERE.

Landing Pages

You are spending good money for your ads to appear in search results and in front of targeted audiences.

What happens when they click on your ad?

Do they go to your website? Or a page on your website? Or do they go to a landing page that will help the prospect take a specific action?

Learn about the importance of landing pages HERE.