Online Marketing & Advertising

Google, Youtube, Microsoft and Facebook are all live marketplaces. They require ongoing maintenance and adjustments to get the most out of your ads. They also require ongoing testing to see what works and what doesn’t. Environmental factors such as pandemics, economic ups & downs, changing demographics and competition in your marketplace all have a role in how your ads perform.

As the advertiser, you need to have a good basic understanding of how Google works and how your account should be managed to maximize your advertising return.

Over the years, Winfield & Associates Marketing & Advertising has developed philosophies for how we do business. Here are our primary philosophies for working with clients:

  • We don’t have contracts.
  • We believe you should own your Google Ads account.
  • We are 100% transparent in how we manage accounts.
  • Impressions, clicks and other metrics are guidelines. We manage ads with the objective of bringing you new clients.
  • Our fee is separate from your ad spend so you always know how much you are spending on each.
  • Successful advertising campaigns require a partnership between us and our clients.
  • Honesty is crucial to the relationship.
  • Frequent communication is important and necessary for ongoing success.

These philosophies were developed with the ideal that as long as we look out for our clients first and implement successful advertising for them, we’ll have a long and mutually profitable relationship. If we aren’t doing our job, you should fire us.